Build your own kit easily at boxesstore. You can select multiple kit having a lot of variety in selection. With low overhead and high volume, our inexpensive moving boxes, You can also build your own kit, which is a simple and easy way to buy moving supplies
We have all the important things which you need to include in your moving kit. Here you can check the list of all products we have for you. You can also get the multiple type of labels like apartment labels, fragile labels and moving labels. We have a good variety of apartment label which you can use for multiple purposes. Fragiles labels are also in our list of products Moreover you can also get things needed in moving.

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  • Specially designed for apartment items
  • 60 labels for each room in each package
  • Textual tags for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, master bedroom, study room, family room, living room, and dining room
  • Permanent moving labels
  • Best for price assistance on items placed for sale
  • Different colors for each room


  • Specially designed for fragile household  items
  • 25 labels for each box
  • Textual tags for breakable items
  • Permanent moving labels


  • Specially designed for household items
  • 140 different labels for each unit
  • Textual tags for household items
  • Permanent moving labels for bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, storage, and study room


  • OSHA Approved
  • Fit easily in the back pocket or tool belt
  • Strong and lightweight to encourage proper lifting techniques
  • Adjustable straps
  • Can carry small, medium, large, and extra-large items



  • Utility Knife / Box Cutter
  • Small & Disposable
  • A Useful Tool For Moving Or Shipping Cutting Tape, Rope, And Packing Materials
  • Easily Open Moving Boxes When Unpacking
  • Handy To Have In A Toolbox For Home Or Office