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Kit Content

  • 10 SMALL MOVING BOXES 16 X 10 X 10″
  • 20 MEDIUM MOVING BOXES 18 X 14 X 12″
  • 1 MARKER


Economy Moving Box Kit for 2 rooms and 3 rooms at Boxes Store is the most affordable shipping box kit that contains a total of 30 packing cartons and can all be placed within 44 cu.ft of space. So you can get an all-in-one packing solution for your next move with our affordable shipping box kit for 2 rooms and 3 rooms. Each kit contains 10 small and 20 medium economy packing boxes.

These shipping boxes are ideal for moving your sensitive and valuable items in a safe and secure way. The kit is also equipped with a 2″ X 110 Yards of tape. Other packing boxes may fit your needs well but they cannot add a personalized touch to your moving needs so you can fully meet your individual shipping needs in one place.

Our affordable shipping box kit for 2 rooms and 3 rooms are specially designed for unique packing requirements. It enables you to move your small to medium and large items the way you want. These all-in-one packing Boxes Kit is an ultimate solution on the move for your valuable items. So you can better avoid the packing hassle to your favorite place.

Economy Moving Box Kit Content

  • 30 Boxes, Fewer Supplies, And 44 CU.FT. Of Space
  • 10 Small Moving Boxes 16 X 10 X 10″
  • 20 Medium Moving Boxes 18 X 14 X 12″
  • 110 Yards Of Tape
  • 1 Marker

This perfect packing box kit is great for shipping and it can help you avoid the last-hour temper. Because it can serve you with multi-ranging boxes for specific types and sizes of items so better to go with them. Our Economy Moving Box Kit for 2 rooms and three rooms is ideal for a wide range of packing needs and moving arrangements without any need from a third-party vendor. In addition to these all, our economy moving box kit for 2 rooms can be handled without calling experts. Thus you can go with your day-to-day moving and shipping needs in a more personal way.