• 1 Pack Each
  • 2″ X 6′ Length
  • With Chrome Dipped S Hook


Ratchet Strap is a fastener used to secure your bulky items during transport. When used correctly, these straps can support many items with different weights and sizes. In order to properly use, thread them through the mandrel and then crank the ratchet to tighten it.

Our ratchet strap is ideal for fastening heavy and bulky items during shipping your supplies. At Boxes Store they are manufactured in a range of varieties each serving different roles while shipping your supplies They are designed while keeping the weight and size of items in mind.

Ratchet Strap Functions

These straps are designed for ease in moving your heavy and bulky household items. They reduce the chances of misplacing or falling items while moving bulky supplies from one place to another.

They are available in 6 Feet length and one-inch width with a Chrome Dipped S Hooks for tightening purposes.

Ratchet Tightener Features

These straps offer a wide range of features while accompanying you in moving your supplies to the next destination more easily. Apart from being quite handy in usage, they offer other features like:

Avoid Last Hour Temper

Our straps are great for shipping and it can help you avoid the last-hour temper by ensuring proper support to your household items as you lift them for moving. While you’ll still be moving your items yourself, however, you won’t be worried about heavy items.

All-In-One Solution

Because it can serve you with multi-ranging features each for a specific household item, they can be used universally for tightening anything heavy. They can serve as an all-in-one solution to your shipping needs and moving arrangements.

Personal Touch

In addition to these all, our shipping straps can be handled without calling experts or any third-party vendor. Thus you can go with your day-to-day moving and shipping needs the way you want.